Tuesday, 22 December 2009

on being idiot

..initially it hurts. oh! the one about being called 'idiot'. what did u think? huh!
but then like wearing an old shirt it feels comfortable and then a grin sets in, when someone calls u an idiot. allow me to explain: idiots dont do things the normal way. they generally mess up the process of peeling a banana. people around u give up, saying 'what an idiot'. good for u. Look at it this way. if u succeed, "what is the big deal about peeling a banana...idiot". if u fail, they have already labeled u an idiot. so how does it matter.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My One Liners

  1. Hajmola - The one tablet for mission critical solutions
  2. Keep distance - Prone to Flattery
  3. Separate states and smaller states are for 'unemployed politicians'. You and I shall stay united.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tug My Heart

The phone finally rang breaking the domination of the television in the house. Not wasting a moment, X ran to the phone and picked up the phone. "Mummy" was all the voice said from other end and then there was silence. Fearing her little one is in some trouble, the young mother anxiously asked, "What is it a? How are you?". Then a said, with all the sense of achievement that a fifth-grader could muster - "I applied talc myself, today".

"That's very nice", she said while concealing her sense of joy that her boy is taking his first steps of self-dependency at the boardig school. "But Mother, I remember you a lot while getting ready for the morning classes."

Those words brought back memories of not very distant past, when young a used to trouble his mother while getting ready to school. The blaring horn of the school vehicle announced that it was getting late but a was not yet through with his breakfast nor was the school uniform anywhere close to him.

"...and mother, yesterday I ate cabbage curry at dinner. It didn't taste the way you prepare it at home, but it was ok," he said. The young mother's eyes filled with tears of happiness at the achievements of her son. The little imp used to trouble her so much and was never in a mood for any vegetables. But now he is learning...learning to take bath, powder himself, wear his own shirt and get ready for morning classes. These thoughts of her little a's achievements were a small consolation to the fact that he himself was not here.

The boarding school rules did not permit parent visit every weekend. Nevertheless, festival holidays were fast approaching and Y had already made up her mind on how to spend those holidays with her fifth-grade angel.

"Study well and be happy. I will come and take you home for holidays", she said while placing back the receiver on the phone.